Someone can Bite Me!

How would you like to tell someone they can "Bite you" with a custom domain directed at them? is an example. Anything you want in place of the red word subject to availability. First come first served.

I can create your page and host for one year. You send me up to three images and text and any links and I can have live typically in one business day.

PayPal only, $10.95 for set up and a full year.

You can also inquire about more advanced features and options.


No obscene images on your page. No obscene words in the domain name. No hate or violence permitted. You must own or have permission to use any graphic or image you provide. If we receive a complaint of copyright infringement we will notify you and remove the item pending a replacement.

You cannot identify a non public figure by name, email or social media but any public figure, corporation or politician is fair game. This means you cannot flame your neighbor for peeing on your rose bushes! You CAN use a common name in the domain provided the content does not disclose the identity of a specific private individual. Only you and your target would know!

You can publish your own email but you may not publish anyone elses unless you can show you have permission to do so.

You may request two changes per year without cost. More than two we will quote a price based on what you want.

Contact me for more information

Use the PayPal button to order. If your choice of name has been taken or contains a word that violates our terms your money will be refunded or we will email you to choose an alternative. Once we receive your payment we will send you an email to obtain your content.

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